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Our Activation Plan


Take some time to review our goals, objectives, target audience and activation details that are included in The Right2Breathe Project. 

Everybody Has The Right2Breathe

What We Do:

The Right2Breathe Project is a cause marketing campaign platform activated primarily in a global Drag Racing community of over 100 million competitors, fans, corporate partners and safety advocates. Contested annually in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Germany, France, and over 100 additional countries across the globe, the Sport of Drag Racing aims to provide individuals seeking their ‘need for speed’ a safe, sanctioned and organized facility to compete.

The Right2Breathe Project uses relationships within the motorsports community and automotive industries to provide on-site screenings, increase awareness and provide educational resources aimed at accomplishing three primary goals:

  • Provide earlier diagnosis of any respiratory illness or medical condition through our online and on-site screening and education programs.
  • Offer additional education and resources to those that are at higher risk or currently live with respiratory conditions and their caregivers to live a higher quality life, and receive better medical care. We also provide inspiration to people living with respiratory related conditions to discover a personal passion that will help them continue to fight respiratory illness and disease.
  • Create education and prevention programs targeted to younger Americans including school students to educate them on the dangers of using tobacco products and how to protect themselves from other products or workplace situations that can lead to respiratory diseases. 

Who Do We Serve?

The Right2Breathe™ Campaign is targeted to a passionate fan-base of over 100 million individuals who share a common passion for motorsports and automotive industry as our organizational co-founders. We also target people that currently live with respiratory illness and caregivers and medical providers that provide care for these individuals.

It is also in our charter to target students in elementary, middle, high school, colleges and technical schools to provide education and awareness campaigns for tobacco prevention and use of proper safety devices that can reduce the onset of many respiratory diseases. 

We offer this cause marketing platform to other non-profit organizations, corporations and businesses that have a mission to serve the respiratory patient community and their caregivers.

Our Inspiration


How Do We Promote The Right2Breathe™ Campaign?

We use our extensive network within the global automotive and motorsports community to activate the Right2Breathe™ Campaign through grass-roots, social media and online marketing efforts known as The Right2Breathe Project. We rely on our entrepreneurial and corporate business experience to foster B2B partnerships with presenting marketing partners and donors that support the Right2Breathe™ Project – along with providing our partners with unique B2C marketing activated with the finest race teams in the world.

Some of the opportunities for brand activation that the Right2Breathe™ Project can provide include:

  • Onsite marketing and branding in the National Hot Rod Association
  • Branding opportunities with professional motorsports teams
  • Onsite screening and public education events
  • Corporate Hospitality packages for presenting marketing partners of the Right2Breathe™ Campaign
  • Business to Consumer branding opportunities for presenting partners of the Right2Breathe™ Campaign
  • Business to Business marketing partnership opportunities for presenting partners and supporters of the Right2Breathe™ Campaign

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We present to you – The Right2Breathe Project. 

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